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My Land, Hand in Hand and I am a Chassid

Includes My land, Hand in Hand, I am a Chasid

Retail price: $64.85
Childrens Series (8 Discs)

Includes My land, Hand in Hand, I am a Chasid, My Pesukim, Gift of Chanukah, Climbing the Rungs of Prayer, Joy and Niggunum

Set price 139.95

My Land

A children's tour through Israel's Holy Cities.

  24.95 plus shipping.
I am a Chassid

Living the way the Rebbe teaches us

Hand in Hand

Children Learning from the Rebbe

Our Price: 19.95 plus shipping.
Davening with the Rebbe DVD (Climbing the Rungs of Prayer)

Climbing the Rungs of Prayer allows you to learn and be inspired, first hand, through the elegant simplicity of the prayers of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson.

Our Price: 24.95 plus shipping.
My Pesukim

My Pesukim features the Twelve Torah Passages as recited by young boys and girls in the Rebbe's presence. The DVD offers English and Hebrew Children's Narration options and more.

Our Price: 19.95 plus shipping.

Niggunim of the Rebbeim

A moving collection of Nigunim from each of the Lubavitcher Rebbes sung in the presence of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory.

  24.95 plus shipping.
Virtual L'Shanah Tovah Card & CD-ROM

Interactive Rosh Hashanah CD-ROM packaged in an elegant greeting card

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List Price: $15.00
The Gift of Chanukah DVD

“Great Chanukah Fun for the Entire Family.”
Chanukah videos, Chanukah games, tasty recipes, interesting Chanukah facts and much more...
View the trailer online!
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List Price: $20.00
Chanukah Gelt - CD-ROM

Pop this piece of Chanukah gelt into your computer and kindle a brilliantly produced multimedia holiday festival. Click around a Chanukah table menu to set high quality videos, computer games, and radio dramas into motion. See Chanukah a la NASA. Tour a candle factory in Israel. Watch an authentic Italian olive oil press. Hear the story of the heroic Maccabees. The content is exciting, cutting edge, and informative. A perfect Chanukah gift, an amazing Chanukah handout!

Virtual Shalach Manos CD-ROM

Purim videos, songs, games and more. Loads of fun for the whole family!


Itche Kadoozy: Matzah, What's Up With It?

"Matzah, What's Up with It?” is hip, fun, and is sure to send your Model Matzah Bakery visitors home with a memorable and relevant lesson.

  9.95 plus shipping.