A B O U T . L I V I N G . T O R A H

Living Torah distills the Rebbe’s teachings, presenting them in a format accessible to scholar and novice alike. Using subtitles to translate the
Rebbe’s talks, the Torah segment gives a taste of the thrilling
experience of learning Torah directly from the Rebbe himself.
The additional segments reveal a glimpse into life at “770,” as well
as one-on-one conversations with this great Jewish leader.

Each disc contains four programs, each program contains:
Torah – a talk by the Rebbe
Timeless Moments with the Rebbe captured on video
Eye to Eye – a personal conversation with the Rebbe
My Encounter – a personal story of an encounter with the Rebbe

• Total Access Navigation System
Subtitles in numerous languages
• Context-setting introductions
• Children’s soundtrack
• Scene selection

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THREE THOUSAND YEARS AGO at a mountain in a desert, a people gathered and heard G-d speak. Since that day, generations of Jews, from sages to simple folk, studied, argued, and contemplated the Torah.
Their questions, answers and lessons became a dynamic part of Torah tradition.

In our time, the Rebbe illuminated Torah’s traditional teachings in a revolutionary light. Applying its wisdom as a lesson for daily life, he conveyed its secrets to a generation and exemplified their ability to live Torah every day.

K E Y . F E A T U R E S

From the archives of the My Encounter with the

Rebbe oral history project, the My Encounter segment features never before seen personal stories of the Rebbe.

These stories are told by individuals who share their experiences, the guidance they received, the lessons they learned and the impact of the Rebbe on their lives.


The Children’s Narration is an optional feature on the Living Torah DVD. When turned on, the
viewer is treated to a clear, easy to understand explanation of what is happening in the video. In the Torah segment, the question, answer, and the lesson learned are all clearly defined. In the Eye to Eye segment, the conversation with the Rebbe is easier than ever to follow. The Special Moment and the Nigun are explored.

The Children’s Narration is a DVD feature available in both English and Hebrew.


Before each Torah talk (Sicha) a brief narrated video introduces the concepts and the history behind the particular talk, preparing the viewer to better follow the Torah lesson.

Sicha Introduction is a DVD feature in both English and Hebrew.


Years ago, JEM revolutionized the experience of watching videos of the Rebbe with the introduction of translated subtitles, but until now videos in various languages were only available in their native country.

Now choose from subtitles in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and Russian. You can even choose to turn the subtitles off.


Rewind…Fast Forward…Where does this week’s video begin?…Where was that Nigun?...You’ve got to see what the Rebbe’s advice was…wait, I’ll find it…it’ll just take a minute or two…
Sound familiar? It's now a thing of the past!

By navigating the simple DVD menus the viewer can watch any segment or any program instantly! Other play options include the ability to watch all segments of a given type (all Sichos, all Nigunim, etc.) or to play the whole disk.

By turning on the Repeat option, any sequence may be played in a continuous loop.

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